Round and Round

Ángeles Quinteros
Karina Letelier

Slide your finger along the path through the pages full of rhythm, rhymes and twists. Discover round shapes, something that bounces and start again! The verses of Ángeles Quinteros are complemented by the brilliant illustrations by Karina Letelier in this beautiful board book for young readers.

About Ángeles Quinteros

She is a Chilean writer and editor. She has been an anthologist of children’s and young people’s books, a postgraduate professor of Children’s and Young Adult’s Literature, and a book editor. Her work spans nonfiction and poetry. She has been published in different publishing houses in Latin America.

She recently launched Libros del Escuincle, a publishing project with a novel proposal. Rounds and Rounds is the first book she published with Leetra.

About Karina Letelier

She studied design in visual communication at the Metropolitan Technological University, in Santiago and a master’s degree in animation at the Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona. Since 2004 she has worked as a freelance illustrator.

Among her illustrated books are 12 Tiny Stories of Earth, Sky and Sea, The Treeman’s Journey and Do We Sing or Do We Not Sing? Anthology of haikus of insects and small animals.

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