Some Days

Verónica Cardona López

Through the pages of this book, we follow the journey of a protagonist who becomes endearing at first sight: a stray dog. He shows us what his happy days look like as well as what happens on the hard days. The urban setting, made with acrylic paint, stamps and collage, gives it a singular beauty.

About Verónica Cardona López

She is a graphic designer, graduated from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana of Medellín, Colombia. She has illustrated books for different Colombian publishers as well as festivals.

She studied children’s illustration at the Sótano Blanco School in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2012. From that moment she began to explore different techniques: acrylic, tempera, collage, colored pencils, transfer, etc. She is interested in enriching the image through the plasticity offered by manual techniques. In 2019 she studied the “Narrative Illustration House” diploma at UNAM.

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